Our Dogs
AKC SKYBLUE WATERS JOKER 14 inches a sable merle
AKC  SASSY'S BLACK BAILEY         Gone but not forgotten
AKC JAD SHADOW OF 7 BRIDGES is a beautiful bi-black Retired

Sheltie planet
Sheltie Planet - The Complete Pet Owner's Guide to Shetland Sheepdogs - A place for adoring fans of this beautiful and loyal dog breed. If you own a Shetland Sheepdog,or plan on getting one, you'll enjoy the articles on obedience training, health and grooming, cool games to play with your wee Sheltie plus fun photo galleries.
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Our Dogs
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7 Bridges Shelties
AKC Tootsie 15 inches Tri
AKC Jazz A Cryptic Blue 17 inches
AKC SIR BANDIT- Tri 14 inches
 AKC Izzie Blue Merle 12 inches
​AKC Coco Blue Merle 13 inches
AKC Brandy 
Sable Merle 
Future Breeder
AKC Bailey
Sable Merle
Future Breeder 
AKC Sky - 15 inches Bi-Blue Merle